Autism Assessment Audio

I might be starting a podcast soon. I’m not sure if I’m going to release the episodes to newsletter subscribers only, or newsletter and website visitors or be bold and put it on Apple, Spotify, Audible, etc. Due to my life experiences, I am very sensitive to bad feedback. But what can people say that … Read more

Excerpt from my book

I’m so excited! My mini-book will be available by July 6th! I’m about 60% done. It’s better than what I’ve written in the past. I have clarity. I still have a long way to go to make it a full book. However, if the story I want to tell is 100 pages, maybe that is … Read more

Books Read in 2022

random books on a table

Here are the books I’ve read so far in 2022. These days I mostly listen to audiobooks. When I’m not working, I read on my Kindle. I love ‘real’ books, but I move so often, and moving books are a nightmare. If I ever settle down, I may limit myself to 50 copies of my … Read more