Gastroparesis – no emergency room

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Other people thought I was going to die more than I did. Two people wanted me to go to the emergency room, but why should I pay a $400 copay just to get fluids and then go home and get dehydrated again and go back? I don’t have that kind of money!

I know from the gastroparesis support groups that the ER will not help a person with GP (gastroparesis) unless they are near death. And then they will still release you. Some people did go inpatient, but that’s rare. I would recommend people go to urgent care. It depends on whether you have insurance and your finances. I did go to urgent care first. They told me that I didn’t have COVID, I was underweight, and that I had a urinary tract infection. Thanks.

How did it start? One day in July 2020, I just couldn’t eat the foods I used to. I weighed about 136 at the time. My lowest weight was 103 in 2021. Today in 2022, I weigh 112 after being stuck at 109 forever. I’m still underweight, but if my labs are okay, I’m not really concerned.

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    • Hi, More is in my free mini-book. But I’m very lucky to be in remission. From what I hear, this is rare. I still can’t eat a lot of the food I enjoy, but I’m not in pain or sick all the time. And keeping weight on is hard.

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