I’m Autistic. Officially?

But I already knew that. What’s the big deal? That a doctor said it? Thanks for noticing what I’ve known for over 15 years. How can a doctor possibly know what I’m like or what you are like without seeing you at home, at work, or in public? In public, I’m a complete mess, according to neurotypical standards.

A psychologist got something right. Okay. Next. So I have the diagnosis. Officially. And I don’t know what to do. I’m supposed to have someone helping me look for resources and I don’t want to waste time or that instead of working.

But as far as this website goes, do I say everything here? Well, I would save 85% of it for my book. Do I offer a paid newsletter of what the doctor said? It wasn’t that long and I will talk about the parts I don’t agree with and agree with. The report is about 7 pages long. I’m not letting anyone see that besides my therapist, doctors if necessary, and maybe a disability lawyer LATER on.

I need money. I work 40 hours a week. A lot of us have part-time jobs because the pay sucks. I started a business because I don’t like leaving the house. The business did great in 2021 because I was working SO MUCH, but I burned out in January 2022. So the business is really slow this year. I’m still making money, but it’s not much more than the expenses. Long story short – all my money is going to bills. Money from my job and business.

I’m thinking out loud. I think I’m going to offer what the doctor said (I recorded her) and my thoughts on it as a paid newsletter. It won’t be over $5.00. I would probably just put it here if I didn’t need money. I’m going through the transcription to see how long it is. I have biz work to do tonight, so It won’t be ready until the weekend.

So, yes, I have been officially diagnosed as having autism*. And other stuff I already talked about. Anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc.

*I’ve been reading about autism for 15 years. Mostly journals and a few books. I don’t care about labels and words in general. So, I’m not going to get the language right when talking about myself. If I’m talking about Helen, I would use whatever words she wanted me to. I can’t keep all this in my head.

In case you don’t have my mini-book, here is where you can get No-One’s Listening.
. Thanks for reading my ramble as I procrastinate on what I’m supposed to be doing. It’s a big project, and I don’t wanna do it!