I’m still here

I’ve been working as usual. I’ve been scared to do a newsletter because all these online marketers say an email must do this and that. And I’m like, even for a writer? “Yes,” they would say.

I can’t be polished like the world wants me to be. That is how I got here. In burnout land! 

I have been thinking about my book. I have not been writing much. So I’m thinking, do I only want to talk about autism? Autism and ADHD (because I can’t always tell them apart). Or burnout?

And do I want to interview people? I would love to have other stories in the book. I’ve learned a lot about writing over the past few years, but most of it is about fiction writing. I need to know more about nonfiction writing. 

I could write about so much. But I’m not sure what kind of stories I need. For example, has capitalism tried to kill you? Do you have autism, and suddenly your symptoms got worse because of (insert any reason)? When you discovered you were neurodivergent, how did you refrain from being angry at neurotypicals? Okay, for that one, I just want life advice. 

It’s hard to talk about autism because I’m right in the middle of it. I’ve been dealing with burnout since July 2020. I feel like I can write about that more, but is my story different because I’m neurodivergent? YES. But how different? 

It would be easy to talk about gastroparesis. But there’s not enough for a book there. So will I do a short story (under 5K words) on it? Yes. But it is also related to burnout. I was born with GP (IMO), but it didn’t flare until I was required to work overtime, had a business, lived in a stressful situation, had no support, etc. 

I’ll stop rambling. I’m going to send an email to people who have subscribed soon. I will ignore all online marketers. Well, not all of their advice is bad or wrong. It’s just overwhelming.

This is an example of a personal blog post. Not business-like or whatever I’m supposed to do.

See you in your inbox soon. You aren’t subscribed?? The horror. Please sign up here and receive my free mini-book. 

And if you wouldn’t mind sharing, what would you rather hear about autism, gastroparesis, burnout, or how capitalism is killing at this very moment? And do you want to hear other people’s stories too? I’m not listing my dog as a topic because I know everyone will say that they want to hear about my dog. 

Don’t be surprised if I edit this and send it as a newsletter later. I can’t make any promises. I’m doing my best. 


Buy me coffee – even though I can’t drink coffee due to gastroparesis. 🙂

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